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Kentucky & Barkley Lake Completed Areas

Additional Scans of the popular lake navigational charts are now available. See the updated list below for numbers of upstream charts for Kentucky Lake, Pickwick Lake, and Wilson Lake.

SIDESCAN -- Big Sandy South (New!!) -- This is the largest sidescan section of Kentucky Lake to date. This set encompasses over 4000 acres of the famous Big Sandy Embayment. The area of coverage is from Big Sandy River mile 5.5 (powerline), south the river mile 12 (just northeast of Country Junction). The entire West Sandy/Britton Ford arm has been sidescanned along with Swamp creek. The area originally Topo and 3D mapped is the core area that has been expanded by over 100%. Be sure to see the product page for a full representation of the area sidescanned. The area is definitely not lacking for cover in this crappie haven. One can easily identify 10,000 structural features (a very conservative estimate). (Completed October 2005)

Barkley Lake Northwest (New!!) -- This area includes 3000 acres of Barkley lake between Cumberland River miles 32 and 38. The major bays within this area are Nickel Branch, Willow, Demumbers, and Carmack Bays. Other points of interest include Crab creek and a very large Secondary channel just east of the Canal and the Cumberland river channel. Bass, crappie, white bass, redear and even catfishermen have a wealth of areas to explore with the tremedous amount of subtle underwater details revealed. (Completed September 2005 )

SIDESCAN -- Jonathan Creek (NEW!!) This set of images includes nearly 2000 acres worth of Sidescan imagery in a major crappie bay. Excellent ledge fishing for bass is well known in the outer half of the bay closest to the Tennessee river. (Completed July 2005)

SIDESCAN -- Blood River Another installment of the most revolutionary map information available. This set of images includes a huge 2800 acres worth of Sidescan imagery in another of the best Crappie fisheries in Kentucky Lake. Similar to the Big Sandy set below, thousands and thousands of structural features are easily identified with GPS coordinates readily available. (Completed January 2005)

SIDESCAN -- Big Sandy North Another installment of the most revolutionary map information available. This set of images includes a huge 3650 acres worth of Sidescan imagery in one of the best Crappie fisheries in Kentucky Lake. Thousands and thousands of structural features are easily identified. Stakebeds and stump fields are easy to find. (Completed October 2004)

SIDESCAN -- Kentucky Lake Northeast The most revolutionary map information available. This first series includes sidescan data for Smith, Duncan, Sugar, Higgins, Rhodes, Savells, Vickers, and Barnett bay in Kentucky Lake. (Completed January 2004)

Barkley Lake -- Donaldson Creek from mouth of the bay, back to the shallow flats. (Completed September 2003)

KY Lake -- Northwest from the mouth of Sledd creek, south to Big Bear. Includes Little Bear, Big Bear, & major Secondary channel along the west side of Kentucky Lake. Be sure to view the graphic to view the extents of the imagery (Completed August 2003)

KY Lake -- Big Sandy South from powerline to 2 miles south of the junction with West Sandy creek. (Completed January 2003)

KY Lake -- Tennessee Trio includes the following bays: Standing Rock, Leatherwood, & Hurricane creeks. (Completed November 2002)

KY Lake East Side Bays (South) from Rushing to Panther bays. Includes 7 bays plus the 3 Secondary Channels immediately south of Blood River.
(Completed September 2002)

KY Lake East Side Bays (North) from Smith to Barnett bays. Includes 8 bays plus the Secondary Channel from Girl Scout camp to Bee Creek.
(Completed July 2002)

Big Sandy River (north) from mouth to just north of powerline
(Completed December 2001)

Eddy Creek from mouth to 0.3 mile east of Hwy 93 bridge
(Completed July 2001)

Blood River embayment from mouth to wildcat creek
(Completed January 2001)

Jonathan Creek from Hwy 68 bridge east to mouth
(Completed February 2001)

Little River from mouth to tip of Barkley SRP Island
(Completed May 2001)

Scans of old but very useful government Navigation charts (1101, 1102, 1103, 1104, 102, 103, 104, 105, 113) for both Kentucky and Barkley Lakes (AVAILABLE NOW*)

Brand NEW Scans of Charts 106, 107, 108, & 109 are NOW AVAILABLE. Also Pickwick Charts 201, 202, 203, & 204 plus Wilson Lake Chart 301. A graphic depicting these maps will be added very soon!

(items will typically ship the next business day)

Tentative schedule for map creation of other parts of Kentucky and Barkley Lakes

Kentucky Lake

Sidescanning of Big Sandy South
Southern Bays (Cypress Creek & possibly Harmon Creek),

Barkley Lake

North end. Flats with major secondary channel near dam and southern bays from Nickel Branch to Carmack Bay (Summer 2005 )


Maps are provided in digital format to be used with GPS/mapping software or common image viewing software.

A DEMO version of OziExplorer GPS Mapping software is included on the CD as a convenience to get you on your way to PRECISION FISHING.

* All topographic and 3-Dimensional Images can be viewed with any internet browser or graphics software.

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