Kentucky Lake East Side Bays (north)
+ 1 Major Secondary Channel

This is the index image for the KY Lake East Side Bays (north).

The areas outlined in blue represent the portions of the east side bays and secondary channel that has been re-mapped. The surrounding black line represent the supplemental nav chart and aerial photography used as a background.

NEW depth data was collected from June - July of 2002.

The new maps extend from Smith Bay, south to Barnett Bay (just north of the Hwy 68 bridge).

The high resolution imagery (1-2 foot contour intervals) for this data set is based on over 140,000 depth readings covering more than 1675 acres.

9 independent sections are shown on the left.

The high resolution images (example below) are actually a hybrid image including the brand new data, plus background imagery. Included in the background is aerial photography and a transparent overlay of the navigation chart to help get oriented with real world features.

Topographic images on CD each contain a latitude and longitude grid and coordinates for easy calibration with GPS mapping software.

This is a sample from Duncan Bay near the junction with the Tennessee River.

Latitude/Longitude grid lines are provide on the topo maps for easy calibration with GPS mapping software.

The contour interval on this image is 2.0 feet.

Hundreds of spot elevations are included on all sections for easy reference. If you know the current lake elevation, then water depth can be easily calculated.


This image illustrates the "background" to all the High Resolution topography.

Aerial photography covers the non-water portions of each map section.

Every point and minor bay is well represented.




An improved 3d imaging technique has been used to produce the images

The same high resolution topographic images have been "draped" over the digital elevation model created by Kentucky HydroGrafx.

The shading effect of artificial sunlight on the model helps us visualize the elevation changes. The summer pool level of 359 ft is represented on non-surveyed edges as the blue/green color you see here.

Other items included on the CD
(not shown here) include:

High resolution scan of Nav Chart 102. This is a 200dpi scan of the chart that has been corrected for any stretch.

A very functional shareware version of OziExplorer GPS Mapping software is provided on disk to get you started with precision fishing. The HydroGrafx images work flawlessly with this version.


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