All existing maps for Kentucky and Barkley lakes are based on the topography when the lakes were impounded many years ago. Although many of the historic features are still useful today, much has changed since these maps were created.

More importantly, many pre-existing terrain details have never been available on map products. UNTIL NOW!

The images above show a section of Blood River as depicted on the old government chart (103) (left), and the same area that has been re-mapped (right). The new maps have contour intervals of 0.5 to 2.0 feet, depending on the amount of elevation change. The example above has a 0.5 foot contour interval.

The maps created by the Tennessee Valley Authority and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are still some of the best paper maps available for Kentucky and Barkley lakes. More recently produced commercial maps have significantly reduced resolution and overall topographic detail. The newest commercial maps do have good detail on non-water related items such as boat ramps, roads, lodging, etc.

What fisherman need are high quality, high resolution, high accuracy maps that depict what the lake bottom looks like NOW.

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Here are a few things to think about:

What if your computer could be used to view the NEW maps and program your GPS for points you click on that map !

What if three dimensional (3D) images were available for your favorite areas of the lake !

With the advent of highly affordable and accurate GPS technology, fishermen can easily find their way back to within 30 feet or less of individual structure such as stumps, brush piles, points, and creek bends saved in a previous fishing trip.

Fisherman armed with a GPS and high resolution maps can find their way to brand new "honey holes" without wasting valuable time wandering around with eyes glued to depth finder. How many have had a good map, located many spots they would like to fish and were unable to find that spot when on the lake??

You know, those places that didn't have any good landmarks or buoys to "sight" from. You know, those places you zig-zagged, circled, and were nearly overcome by motion sickness (Oh! that was probably your buddy) only to finally give up and go back to your "old faithful" spots before you went home.