Business Profile

Initial data collection and testing began in the fall of 2000. Kentucky HydroGrafx officially started business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in January of 2001. Kentucky HydroGrafx will be re-mapping many areas within Kentucky and Barkley lakes. It is time for some brand new lake terrain information since we have used old information for way too long!! By integrating GPS mapping software and high resolution maps, a giant step can be taken in precision fishing.

Topographic map creation of existing lake terrain is a time consuming process. Hundreds of thousands of data points (depth and lat/long) have to be collected over large areas to generate new maps of any lake.

Time consuming it is, but is it useful information??? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!

Areas of interest to the average fisherman will be mapped first. Things like creek channels, major points, and secondary channels will be targeted as important to both recreational and professional fisherman. Comments by those that fish Kentucky and Barkley lake will drive what gets mapped next. Large areas of flats and very deep areas will be avoided so data collection time can be minimized.

The data can be collected in blocks of any size. Areas as small as 10 acres and as large as 2000 acres can be mapped. The end result is not necessarily a brand new map of the entire lake. A more accurate description would be, a series of high resolution maps of key areas of the lakes. As the new blocks are created, they will be made available for purchase.

The data collection techniques used will best model existing lake terrain. Areas with significant depth changes and related features will be targeted. Although a lot of the natural and manmade structure is detected, there is still a high percentage that goes undocumented. Since the detection rate of woody or manmade structure is low, it is not feasible to put those locations on the maps. Fishermen armed with a trusty GPS will be the best one to record precise positions of the structure you like to fish.

I hope you get as much useful information from the new map images as I already have. Once you become familiar with GPS and incorporate that into your daily fishing activities, you are well on your way to filling in some of those mysterious puzzle pieces necessary to consistently catch fish.

Patrick Hahs
Kentucky HydroGrafx