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September 18, 2005

The website has not been updated in a while, but fortunately this in not an indication of ongoing mapping activities.

The final 3D animations are being rendered for Barkley Lake North, which will allow release of this set by the end of the week. The projected acreage for this area is approximately 3000 acres.

Considerable time has been spent sidescanning Big Sandy South. One more data collection trip is necessary, then that will be ready to be processed. The acreage covered will be approximately 4000 acres.

We plan to have the Big Sandy South ready for the "All-American Sportmen's Expo" at Paris Landing convention center on 22 & 23 October, 2005.

July 26, 2005

Jonathan Sidescan is now listed for sale online at TN Outdoor Sales (product code KLJCSS) or you can use the mail-in form link from the product page here.

The Barkley North status map is shown to the right. This will be an area of 2700 acres in size. It will be the high resolution topo and 3D animated flythrough imagery.

This product will be ready very soon. The area is now complete in the data acquisition phase. We are working up the imagery now. This set will be be of interest to bass, catfish, and crappie fishermen.

We will be sidescanning the southern portion of Big Sandy this Summer and possibly topo mapping the Cypress/Harmon Creek area of KY Lake in Tennessee. That area needs good water levels, so that will have to happen very soon.

July 5, 2005

Things have been quite hectic and the Jonathan release has been delayed. Some commercial jobs have superceded lake mapping activities and we have also started on the Barkley North Topo and 3D data collection. The window of time will Summer pool water levels is rapdly going away. This level is critical given the shallow conditions in that part of the lake.

Jonathan is very near completion as I have told numerous people. I really appreciate the patience of those waiting for that one since the release has been pushed back a few times.

May 29, 2005

Sidescan coverage of Jonathan is now complete. It will take a couple of weeks to work up all the data plus generate all new topo maps for the area. The overall topo coverage has increased dramatically to match the sidescan coverage area.

If you would like to be notified as soon as the data is available, just email us at pdghahs@kentuckyhydrografx.com with a simple note to be notified.

May 24, 2005

Sidescan coverage of Jonathan is nearly complete. The image on the right represents the area of coverage. Very shallow areas could not be sidescanned.

April 9, 2005

Sidecanning of Jonathan Creek is well underway. The winds of Spring make mapping activities hit and miss. A status map will be added to the right side in the next day or so to show the area of coverage so far.

Look for the sidescan of Jonathan to be available for post-spawn crappie in May/June.

Crappie are spawning on KY lake RIGHT NOW!

February 11, 2005

Kentucky HydroGrafx will be sidescanning a large portion of Jonathan creek as weather allows. We have received many comments about that area this Winter and have put that on the fast track. The next major project following that activity will be to finish topo mapping Barkley North.

For those that have the Outdoor Channel, Kentucky HydroGrafx has generated a few 3D animations that are used in the Classic Patterns fishing show. Episodes that relate to terrain structure fishing may include those clips. See www.outdoorchannel.com for the show schedule.

January 9, 2005

Blood River Sidescan data is now available just in time for the early Spring pre-spawn activity.

Now available to order online at TN Outoor Sales

Click Here to jump directly to the product page for the new Blood River Sidescan set.

See our price list on the on the Purchase page

October 31, 2004

We are currently processing the Blood River Sidescan Data. All the sidescan data has been collected. We need about 2 hours worth of supplemental depth data to generate the final set of topo maps. This set will include nearly 3000 acres of information for Blood River.

Other activities this year will be topo & 3d mapping of Barkley Lake near the dam.

October 18, 2004

Great News!! The new Big Sandy North Sidescan data is now available. Click above to jump directly to the product page for the new set.

View the Order Form / Price List.

If you already own Big Sandy North, be sure to see the upgrade discount form.

The new product will be added to TN Outdoor Sales for online order in a few days.

October 17, 2004

The CD Files for Big Sandy North Sidescan are now complete. The product page will be built and posted to the website by late Monday evening.

September 26 , 2004

We are finally making good progress in compiling the Sidescan data for Big Sandy. Lots of planning with data management was needed even after all the sidescan data was collected given the vast area covered.

August 31, 2004

2 nights of sidescanning will complete the Big Sandy North area. It will take a couple of weeks to work up the data into a final product. Unusually persistent rainshowers and storms have delayed work activities as usual!

August 9, 2004

Blood River is now 75% sidescanned and the northern portion of Big Sandy is 80% complete. These very large areas require near calm winds to complete sidescanning. We still hope to have the Big Sandy sidescan product available by late this month.

Conventional topo mapping of the Barkley area mentioned below will be initiated this month. It will go much faster than sidescanning since wind is less of a factor.

July 25, 2004

Excellent progress has been made in sidescanning of Big Sandy north and Blood River. The shallow portions were scanned first to take advantage of the summer pool levels. Thousands of structural items are already evident with many more be revealed once scanning is complete. Look for Big Sandy north to be available by latter August with Blood River following very soon.

Northern Barkley near the dam will receive much needed attention when we start topo mapping just east of the canal. This will be initiated in early August

June 26, 2004

Sidescan activities are well underway now that the weather is settling down. A large portion of Eagle Creek and the Junction of the Big Sandy River/TN River has been done........ Continued on Current Events page.

June 26, 2004

Sidescan activities are well underway now that the weather is settling down. A large portion of Eagle Creek and the Junction of the Big Sandy River/TN River has been done. This will continue for another few weeks in that area. Over 3000 acres of Big Sandy will be sidescanned north of the powerline when complete.

Other sidescanning will likely occur in Blood River and Jonathan Cr.

We are targeting 2 key areas for topo mapping this Summer. The northern end of Barkley lake will get attention, plus lots of work scheduled for the TN portion of Kentucky Lake

April 1 , 2004

Re-mapping activities will fire up again very soon for the 2004 season. We are targeting 2 key areas for topo mapping this Spring/Summer. The northern end of Barkley lake will get attention, plus lots of work scheduled for the TN portion of Kentucky Lake. After lots of excellent comments by fishermen through email and boat show visitors, we have decided on the areas mentioned above.

Sidescan activities will make up the remainder of the time this season, with the next sidescanned area to include one of the Big Sandy areas.

See our Product Page for the full list of areas already re-mapped.

February 2, 2004

More sample clips have been added of the new Kentucky Lake NE Sidescan Series. See the KY Lake NE SS page for that set to link to more cool images.


January 14, 2004

Great News! The first installment of a new SIDESCAN SERIES is finally complete. A new Kentucky Lake Northeast SS set is available. See the product page of that set for more information.

It has just been added for ONLINE order at TN Outdoor Sales.

This product was premiered at the West KY Boat & Outdoor show with an excellent response from both casual and professional fishermen.

November 24, 2003

Sidescanning has been delayed for a few weeks due to the less than ideal weather. Only 2 more calm nights are needed to do the shorelines of the bays listed below.

Winter time is knocking on the door here so any decent weather will be welcome. It's the wind that causes so many problems.

When the first Sidescan product is complete, it will include the following bays in KY Lake: Barnett, Vickers, Savells, Rhodes, Higgins, Sugar, Duncan, and Smith.

October 22, 2003

Sidescanning will continue into November. We are currently covering the Duncan & Smith Bay vicinity. Those bays are high priority at the moment since the "refuge" portions will be closed on 1 November. Savells has been scanned along with a portion of Rhodes.

As you may have guessed....YES, you will be able to use these images with mapping software to program key areas into your GPS.

If you haven't seen the few test images, click here

October 13, 2003 (Continued from Homepage)

We have been introducing the sidescan product idea for nearly 11 months now. Our intention is to sidescan as much of the previously mapped areas as possible over the next 2 - 2.5 months. While the hardware and software to compile the imagery is quite expensive, the data collection time is more efficient than our conventional topo map creation techniques.

At the moment, we plan to sidescan the "KY Lake East Side Bays North" area first. We may do one of the areas in Big Sandy (north or south) this Fall also if time permits. This will cover an area that bass fishermen key on for Fall fishing and a major crappie area in Tennessee.

If everything goes as planned, the sidescan products will include near full bottom coverage of the previously re-mapped areas, plus shoreline imagery. It is likely we will scan further back in the bays to detect structure on the flats. The sidescan images will be merged with aerial photography, plus an overlay of our high accuracy contours (lines only, no fill color).

As you may have guessed....YES, you will be able to use these images with the mapping software to program key areas into your GPS.

If you haven't seen the few test images, click here

As sidescanning progresses, we will frequently post numerous snapshots of interesting features we encounter. This will be post on or linked to from our homepage.

August 15, 2003

Good News!!!!

The new Kentucky Lake Northwest set is now complete and ready to ship. I have several pre-orders that will go out on 16 August.

The new product has been added to the price list to order by mail. This item has also been added to the TN Outdoor Sales site for online orders.

August 1, 2003

I am one mapping night away from completing data collection activities on what will be called "Kentucky Lake Northwest". This area includes the most dynamic secondary channel visited by Kentucky HydroGrafx, to date. This area is tucked against the western banks of Kentucky Lake and is sheltered from West and Southwest winds.

If you would like to be notified as soon as this series is available, just send an email to us and mention something about "adding to the list".

P.S. -- Our sidescan is now repaired and we will be focusing on that kind of imagery immediately following the release of "Kentucky Lake Northwest".

6 July 2003

Data collection is going very well for the Big Bear area. We have covered about 50% of the total area to be inluded in the new series. The Secondary channel has some of the most interesting terrain features of any secondaries Kentucky HydroGrafx has re-mapped. There are thousands of feet of very steep drops with an abundance of woody cover near or on the slopes of the drops. This set will likely be titled "Kentucky Lake Northwest", and will include near full coverage of Big Bear Bay, plus the secondary channel that leads from that area to the north. That channel finally intercepts the Tennessee River. The smaller bays on the west side of that channel will also be re-mapped. This will include Little Bear.

While we have yet to start sidescanning anything on a large scale, we scanned a bit of the Big Bear secondary and it revealed what the conventional sonar was showing. LOTS of cover adjacent to key terrain features.

We also discovered a malfunction in the sidescan sonar and it will have to be sent off for repair or replacement. This shouldn't cause a problem since we were targeting August to start full blown sidescan data collection. Hopefully, it will be back well before the date we planned to initiate that activity.

22 June 2003

Data collection activities have finally resumed with the influx of more stable weather. The water levels are behaving now and the winds are light most evenings.

The first stop this year is the Big Bear area of Kentucky Lake. This is near the Dam and rich with dynamic terrain features. Little Bear Creek and other small bays will likely be mapped along with the major secondary channel nearby.

The first data of the new area was recorded on 21 June 2003. It will take many trips to cover the acreage in that part of the lake. Final products will include a rather large section of maps for the Northwestern portion of Kentucky Lake. The extreme detail that Kentucky HydroGrafx is known for will be well represented in the next set.

If mapping activities go smoothly, we hope to have the new product set available by latter July just in time for upcoming Fall tournaments.

The remainder of the year will likely be spent sidescanning previously mapped areas. We are extremely excited about the acquisition of a new sidescan sonar. Testing will continue throughout July and full image collection will begin in early August.


8 February 2003

We are currently inactive in the data collection side of things right now. We are working several boat shows this winter and look foward to seeing you if one of those shows is in your neighborhood.

Data collection will resume when the weather warms up. This will likely be around April. The target area at that time will be the northern portion of Kentucky Lake. This will included Big Bear & Little Bear bays and other associated bays in that area. It will also include the secondary channels from there to the dam.

We have done some testing with sidescan sonar and found that it has a very interesting capability of displaying structure on the lake bottom. A sidescan sonar will be acquired some time in the Spring. We may spend a large portion of the Summer sidescanning the areas that have been previously re-mapped.

If you get a chance to here one of the seminars we are presenting at the boat shows, you will see some of the test images from the sidescan sonar.

8 December 2002

Mapping activities are still active in the Big Sandy portion of KY Lake. A large area south of the powerline is now targeted with field data collection nearing completion. Cold weather is delaying the final collection activity. This set will be available as soon as possible, but it is difficult to pin down a firm completion date.

I have added a heater to the boat to make the nights more bearable. Still have to be picky based on wind conditions.

Click Here to see a map image depicting the area of coverage for the new Big Sandy (south) set.

30 November 2002

All energy is focused on completing the Big Sandy (south) imagery. Data collection activities are still underway in some of the warmer nights of late Fall. The nights aren't too warm at the moment!

This area is typified by the very dynamic, meandering nature of the Big Sandy River. While the tall, steep ledges of the northern set are now left behind, miles of the structure layden channel of the old river are very much dominant many miles south. Big Sandy has, by far, the most woody structure seen of all areas mapped by Kentucky HydroGrafx. While a significant portion of this may be manmade, there is apparently lots of natural stumps still hanging onto the old "river bank".

Approximately 16 miles of river channel will be included in the new imagery. A significant chunk of West Sandy has also been re-mapped. The most unique features are 2 old drainage ditches. One in West Sandy and the other is adjacent to the Big Sandy river. Once the topos are generated, you will be able to tell which side of the ditch the spoil was placed when these ditches were created.

The new segment will extend from just north of the powerline, approximately 5.75 miles south. The southern extent will likely be 36d 17.5m N latitude. While this is still about 3.5 miles north of the most upstream reach of the bay, it will include the most important area in need of more map detail. The channel location is usually quite accurate on the old TVA charts toward the backs of most bays. One exception would include the high siltation rates that exist where the moving waters of the stream now meet the calm waters of the reservoir. In those areas, little terrain detail exists and the original channel is very difficult to find (if at all).

A well formed "delta" can be seen on aerial photography depicting the upper end of Big Sandy. This delta is visible as far as 1.5 miles north of the highway bridge west of Big Sandy, TN.

15 November 2002

The "Tennessee Trio" map series has just been released. This includes map imagery for Standing Rock, Leatherwood, and Hurricane creeks in the Tennessee portion of Kentucky Lake.

Active data collection is focused on Big Sandy, south of the powerline. Weather delays have set back the completion date. We hope to have data collection activities done by the end of November with the new set of maps available by mid-December.

12 October 2002

We are still working on the new imagery for the 3 KY lake bays (Standing Rock, Hurricane, & Leatherwood). Since time is running out to collect data in Big Sandy, work has shifted to that location. All the necessary data has been collected for the 3 east side bays in Tennessee, just a bit more office time is necessary to complete that set.

29 September 2002

Most of the data has been collected for Standing Rock, Leatherwood, and Hurricane Bays in the Tennessee portion of Kentucky Lake. One more visit to each location will result in all the data necessary to generate the new images. These bays could be considered "medium" sized bays and the topography is fairly typical of the acreage.

Larger bays tend to have dynamic terrain farther back into them than small bays. Leatherwood had a very interesting roadbed as well as some well defined ledges in the interior portions. Standing Rock has many features both bass and crappie fisherman will find interesting. Several good looking ledges and creek channel drops were revealed that older maps didn't indicate existed.

Look for these images to be available within 10 days or so.

26 September 2002

As you probably noticed on the homepage, the newest addition "Kentucky Lake East Side Bays (south)" is now available. Attention has now focused on a few of the bays south of the Hwy. 79 bridge in Tennessee. Data has already been collected in Hurricane and Leatherwood. As soon as the remnants of the tropical storm leave the area, data will be collected in Standing Rock bay. This imagery will not take long to process once I get the final data collected.

The final re-mapping of the year will take place in the southern half of Big Sandy. A large area south of the powerline will be visited. This includes West Sandy and a very large section of the old Big Sandy River channel. The re-mapped area will likely encompass around 2000-2400 acres. The Big Sandy (north) dataset was approximately 2400 acres for comparison.

The time spent in Big Sandy will likely consume most of October and spill-over into November. The new imagery may be available by mid-latter November.

In most cases, each bay will be re-mapped and modeled to reveal the most intricate details of the terrain below the surface. Plans are to survey the outer half of each bay completely to where the creek leaving a particular bay meets the Tennessee River channel. Bays that have dynamic terrain toward the back may be re-surveyed with near complete coverage.

19 September 2002

The newest addition to the Kentucky HydroGrafx family of map imagery is only "finishing touches" away from availability. Extra time has been spent working out the kinks for a very dramatic improvement to the 3d views of the re-mapped areas. The 3d images will now be "animated" fly through views with re-mapped portions appearing as real water, dirt, sunshine and even ripples on the water. Unless problems arise the "finishing touches" should be completed by late this evening with the new disks available for purchase no later than 21 September.

1 September 2002

All the necessary depth data has been collected in Rushing, Ginger, Clay, Tischel, Byrd, Hughes, & Panther bays. It will take about 10 days or so to generate all the images associated with those areas. Bass fisherman may get good use out of the new map images since it includes many of the key areas that hold smallmouth. Crappie fisherman can now clearly see ledges and points that typically don't received a lot of fishing pressure since many don't like to cross the main lake in windy conditions. Please note, this data set will include east side bays that are in Tennessee plus some secondary channels on the west side (in Kentucky).

Mapping activities will next focus on a few bays south of the Hwy. 79 bridge in Tennessee. Hurricane, Leatherwood, and Standing Rock bays will be mapped in the next couple of weeks. Once that is done, another large chunk of Big Sandy will be completed south of the power line.

Patrick Hahs
Kentucky HydroGrafx

22 August 2002

Data has now been collected in Byrd Bay, Hughes and a portion of Panther. Additional data will be collected in Panther nearly wrapping up what is necessary to generate the next set of imagery. I have decided to abort data collection in Piney bay. Existing TVA maps show the details fairly well, although some of the Piney creek channel in the open water may be of interest when the winds will allow fishing that area. I will wait for some input from fishermen and may visit that area again in the future.

I am targeting about the 10th - 15th of September for the new stuff to be available. This will include Rushing, Ginger, Clay, Tischel, Byrd, Hughes, and Panther Bays. Also included will be most of the secondary channels between Blood River and Cypress Bay on the west side.

I am also working on a very dramatic improvement to the 3d imagery for these areas. It will likely be in the form of an animated movie (avi files) that has a photorealistic appearance. I have the ability to depict the models with dirt, water, sun, and even waves, then "fly through" the area as if in an airplane. The areas mapped will by shown with reduced water levels (<20 feet below summer pool) to give us an idea what it would look like if the dam were to break. Pretty interesting stuff. Those who attended the seminars at the 2002 Outdoor show in Murray were shown a few images like that.

15 August 2002

Good progress has been made, but recent weather (wind/storms) has delayed activities this past week. The next bays to map are Byrd and Hughes. I am trying very hard to get those done along with Panther and Piney. I want to get the products available by mid-September for those interested in fishing some of the Fall tournaments.

Data has already been collected in the major secondary channels between Blood River and Cypress Bay. The imagery for those areas will be included with the maps for the areas (Rushing to Piney) mentioned above.

Map images of Standing Rock, Leatherwood, and Hurricane will likely be an independent set.

Once the imagery has been created for a group of between 5 -8 bays, that information will be available for purchase on CD-Rom. If you would like to be notified when those segments are complete, just email us at Kentucky HydroGrafx and we will add you to our email list for News and New Products.

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